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  [1] 对话部分

  [2] 听力原文及答案解析


  A) She expects the man to have it.

  B) She’s angry with the man for forgetting it.

  C) She’d like the man to return it by tonight.

  D) She doesn’t know where it is.


  A) The shirt is clean.

  B) The shirt was not expensive.

  C) The man should try to get his money back.

  D) The shirt needs to be washed again.


  A) She didn’t buy the ticket.

  B) The ticket was expensive.

  C) She doesn’t know how much the ticket cost.

  D) There are still a few tickets left.我要收藏


  A) Make a list of what she needs to do.

  B) Schedule an eye exam without delay.

  C) Order an appointment book.

  D) Get over her fear of eye doctors.


  A) His suit is too old to wear.

  B) He doesn’t want to buy new clothes.

  C) He doesn’t want to wear a suit.

  D) He’ll go shopping with the woman.


  1.M:Oh, I’m sorry, I just realized that I forgot to bring the tape recorder you lent me. I left it back in my dorm.

  W:That’s all right. I won’t need it until tonight. As long as I’ve got it by then.

  Q:What does the woman imply?(C)

  2.M:I thought this shirt was a great deal but I washed it once and it’s shrunk so much that I can’t wear it.

  W:Some bargain. You should ask for a refund.

  Q:What does the woman mean?(C)

  3.M:So how much was your plane ticket?

  W:More than I could really afford. I had to dip into my saving.

  Q:What does the woman imply?(B)

  4.W:I’ve been meaning to get my eyes checked. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

  M:Why don’t you call for an appointment right away? Once on your calendar you will get it done.

  Q:What does the man suggest the woman do?(B)

  5.W:I’m thinking of getting a new pantsuit to wear to Jame’s wedding.

  M:I just hope that my old suit still fits. You know how I feel about shopping.

  Q:What does the man imply?(B)


  1.C 该组对话的关键是句型not...until:I won’t need it until tonight. 今晚才要。

  2.C refund:退款。

  3.B 该组对话的关键是比较句型more than,此外还要了解dip into my saving:取我的存款。

  4.B 重点是句型why not...?表示建议。

  5.B 该组对话考点是对态度的判断。重点在男子的答话。

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