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  Part I Listening Comprehension 20 minutes)
  Section A
  Directions: In this section, you will hear 10 short conversations. At the end of each conversa-tion, a question will be asked about what was said. Both the conversation and the question will be spoken only once. After each question there will be a pause. During the pause, you must read the four choices marked A), B), C) and D), and decide which is the best answer. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.
  Example: You will hear:
  You will read:
  A) At the office.
  B) In the waiting room.
  C) At the airport.
  D) In a restaurant.
  From the conversation we know that the two were talking about some work they had to finish in the evening. This is most likely to have taken place at the office. Therefore, A) "At the office" is the best answer. You should choose [A] on the Answer Sheet and mark it with a single line through the centre.
  Sample Answer [ A ] [B] [C] [D]
  A) She has to post a letter instead.
  B) She has to turn down the man's request.
  C) She's not sure if the computer is fixed.
  D) She can't send the message right now.
  A) He didn't get the book he needed.
  B) He had no idea where the book was.
  C) The library is closed on weekends.
  D) He was not allowed to check out the book.
  A) Play a tape recorder.
  B) Take a picture.
  C) Repair a typewriter.
  D) Start a car.
  A) The woman rejected the man's apology.
  B) The woman appreciated the man's offer.
  C) The man had forgotten the whole thing.
  D) The man had hurt the woman's feelings.
  A) The woman is meeting the man at the airport.
  B) They are complaining about the poor airport service.
  C) They are discussing their plan for Christmas.
  D) The man is seeing the woman off.
  A) She plans to go to graduate school.
  B) She will drop out of school.
  C) She will stop working and concentrate on her studies.
  D) She will take a part-time job.
  A) He needs another job as research assistant.
  B) He asked Professor Williams for assistance.
  C) He assists Professor Williams with his teaching.
  D) He is doing research with Professor Williams.
  A) She thought there were no tickets left for the show.
  B) She thought the seats on the left side were fully occupied.
  C) The show was planned a long time ago.
  D) The audience were deeply impressed by the show.
  A) Mr. Long's briefing was unnecessarily long.
  B) The woman should have been more attentive.
  C) Mr. Long's briefing was not relevant to the mission.
  D) The woman needn't have attended the briefing.
  A) In a bank.
  B) In a school.
  C) In a clothing store.
  D) In a barbershop.
  Section B
  Directions: In this section, you will hear 3 short passages. At the end of each passage, you will hear some questions. Both the passage and the questions will be spoken only once. After you hear a question, you must choose the best answer from the four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.
  Passage One
  Questions 11 to 13 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  A) Because the bird couldn't repeat his master's name.
  B) Because the bird screamed all day long.
  C) Because the bird uttered the wrong word.
  D) Because the bird failed to say the name of the town.
  A) The cruel master.
  B) The man in the kitchen.
  C) The pet bird.
  D) The fourth chicken.
  A) The bird had finally understood his threat.
  B) The bird managed to escape from the chicken house.
  C) The bird had learned to scream back at him.
  D) The bird was living peacefully with the chickens.
  Passage Two
  Questions 14 to 16 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  A) They are kept in open prisons.
  B) They are allowed out of the prison grounds.
  C) They are ordered to do cooking and cleaning.
  D) They are a small portion of the prison population.
  A) Some of their prisoners are allowed to study or work outside prisons.
  B) Most of their prisoners are expected to work.
  C) Their prisoners are often sent to special centers for skill training.
  D) Their prisoners are allowed freedom to visit their families.
  A) They are encouraged to do maintenance for the training centre.
  B) Most of them get paid for their work.
  C) They have to cook their own meals.
  D) They can choose to do community work.
  Passage Three
  Questions 17 to 20 are based on the passage you have just heard.
  A) Because they have a driving license.
  B) Because they have received special training.
  C) Because the traffic conditions in London are good.
  D) Because the traffic system of the city is not very complex.
  A) Two to four months.
  B) About three weeks.
  C) At least half a year.
  D) Two years or more.
  A) Government officers are hard to please.
  B) The learner has to go through several tough tests.
  C) The learner usually fails several times before he passes it.
  D) The driving test usually lasts two months.
  A) They don't want their present bosses to know what they're doing.
  B) They want to earn money from both jobs.
  C) They cannot earn money as taxi drivers yet.
  D) They look forward to further promotion.
  Part II Reading Comprehension( 35 minutes)
  Directions: There are 4 passages in this part. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). You should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.
  Passage One
  Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage.
  Some pessimistic experts feel that the automobile is bound to fall into disuse. They see a day in the not-too-distant future when all autos will be abandoned and allowed to rust. Other authorities, however, think the auto is here to stay. They hold that the car will remain a leading means of urban travel in the foreseeable future.
  The motorcar will undoubtedly change significantly over the next 30 years. It should become smaller, safer, and more economical, and should not be powered by the gasoline engine. The car of the future should be far more pollution-free than present types.
  Regardless of its power source, the auto in the future will still be the main problem in urbantraffic congestion (拥挤). One proposed solution to this problem is the automated highway system.
  When the auto enters the highway system, a retractable (可伸缩的) arm will drop from the auto and make contact with a rail, which is similar to those powering subway trains electrically.Once attached to the rail, the car will become electrically powered from the system, and control of the vehicle will pass to a central computer. The computer will then monitor all of the car's move-ments.
  The driver will use a telephone to dial instructions about his destination into the system. The computer will calculate the best route, and reserve space for the car all the way to the correct exit from the highway. The driver will then be free to relax and wait for the buzzer (蜂鸣器) that will warn him of his coming exit. It is estimated that an automated highway will be able to handle 10,000 vehicles per hour, compared with the 1,500 to 2,000 vehicles that can be carried by a present-day highway.
  21. One significant improvement in the future car will probably be________.
  A) its power source
  B) its driving system
  C) its monitoring system
  D) its seating capacity
  22. What is the author's main concern?
  A) How to render automobiles pollution-free.
  B) How to make smaller and safer automobiles.
  C) How to solve the problem of traffic jams.
  D) How to develop an automated subway system.
  23. What provides autos with electric power in an automated highway system?
  A) A rail.
  B) An engine.
  C) A retractable arm.
  D) A computer controller.
  24. In an automated highway system, all the driver needs to do is _______.
  A) keep in the right lane
  B) wait to arrive at his destination
  C) keep in constant touch with the computer center
  D) inform the system of his destination by phone
  25. What is the author's attitude toward the future of autos?
  A) Enthusiastic.
  B) Pessimistic.
  C) Optimistic.
  D) Cautious.
  Passage Two
  Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage.
  Foxes and farmers have never got on well. These small dog-like animals have long been accused of killing farm animals. They are officially classified as harmful and farmers try to keep their numbers down by shooting or poisoning them.
  Farmers can also call on the services of their local hunt to control the fox population. Hunting consists of pursuing a fox across the countryside, with a group of specially trained dogs, followed by men and women riding horses. When the dogs eventually catch the fox they kill it or a hunter shoots it.
  People who take part in hunting think of it as a sport; they wear a special uniform of red coats and white trousers, and follow strict codes of behavior. But owning a horse and hunting regularly is expensive, so most hunters are wealthy.
  It is estimated that up to 100,000 people watch or take part in fox hunting. But over the lastcouple of decades the number of people opposed to fox hunting, because they think it is brutal (残酷的), has risen sharply. Nowadays it is rare for a hunt to pass off without some kind of confrontation (冲突) between hunters and hunt saboteurs (阻拦者).
  Sometimes these incidents lead to violence, but mostly saboteurs interfere with the hunt by misleading riders and disturbing the trail of the fox's smell, which the dogs follow.
  Noisy confrontations between hunters and saboteurs have become so common that they are almost as much a part of hunting as the pursuit of foxes itself. But this year supporters of fox hunting face a much bigger threat to their sport. A Labour Party Member of the Parliament, Mike Foster, is trying to get Parliament to approve a new law which will make the hunting of wild animals with dogs illegal. If the law is passed, wild animals like foxes will be protected under the ban in Britain.
  26. Rich people in Britain have been hunting foxes
  A) for recreation
  B) in the interests of the farmers
  C) to limit the fox population
  D) to show off their wealth
  27. What is special about fox hunting in Britain?
  A) It involves the use of a deadly poison.
  B) It is a costly event which rarely occurs.
  C) The hunters have set rules to follow.
  D) The hunters have to go through strict training.
  28. Fox hunting opponents often interfere in the game________.
  A) by resorting to violence
  B) by confusing the fox hunters
  C) by taking legal action
  D) by demonstrating on the scene
  29. A new law may be passed by the British Parliament to________.
  A) prohibit farmers from hunting foxes
  B) forbid hunting foxes with dogs
  C) stop hunting wild animals in the countryside
  D) prevent large-scale fox hunting
  30. It can be inferred from the passage that ________.
  A) killing foxes with poison is illegal
  B) limiting the fox population is unnecessary
  C) hunting foxes with dogs is considered cruel and violent
  D) fox-hunting often leads to confrontation between the poor and the rich
  Passage Three
  Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage.
  For an increasing number of students at American universities, Old is suddenly in. The reason is obvious: the graying of America means jobs. Coupled with the aging of the baby-boom ( 生育高峰) generation, a longer life span means that the nation's elderly population is bound to expand significantly over the next 50 years. By 2050, 25 percent of all Americans will be older than 65, up from 14 percent in 1995. The change poses profound questions for government and society, of course. But it also creates career opportunities in medicine and health professions, and in law and business as well. "In addition to the doctors, we're going to need more sociologists, biologists, urban planners and specialized lawyers," says Professor Edward Schneider of the University of Southern California's (USC) School of Gerontology (老年学).
  Lawyers can specialize in "elder law," which covers everything from trusts and estates to nursing-home abuse and age discrimination (歧视). Businessmen see huge opportunities in the elder market because the baby boomers, 74 million strong, are likely to be the wealthiest group of retirees in human history. "Any student who combines an expert knowledge in gerontology with, say, an MBA or law degree will have a license to print money," one professor says.
  Margarite Santos is a 21-year-old senior at USC. She began college as a biology major but found she was "really bored with bacteria."So she took a class in gerontology and discovered that she liked it. She says, "I did volunteer work in retirement homes and it was very satisfying."
  31. "… Old is suddenly in" (Line 1, Para. 1) most probably means"______".
  A) America has suddenly become a nation of old people
  B) gerontology has suddenly become popular
  C) more elderly professors are found on American campuses
  D) American colleges have realized the need of enrolling older students
  32. With the aging of America, lawyers can benefit ______.
  A) from the adoption of the "elder law"
  B) from rendering special services to the elderly
  C) by enriching their professional knowledge
  D) by winning the trust of the elderly to promote their own interests
  33. Why can businessmen make money in the emerging elder market?
  A) Retirees are more generous in spending money.
  B) They can employ more gerontologists.
  C) The elderly possess an enormous purchasing power.
  D) There are more elderly people working than before.
  34. Who can make big money in the new century according to the passage?
  A) Retirees who are business-minded.
  B) The volunteer workers in retirement homes.
  C) College graduates with an MBA or law degree.
  D) Professionals with a good knowledge of gerontology.
  35. It can be seen from the passage that the expansion of America's elderly population ________.
  A) will provide good job opportunities in many areas
  B) will impose an unbearable burden on society
  C) may lead to nursing home abuse and age discrimination
  D) will create new fields of study in universities
  Passage Four
  Questions 36 to 40 are based on the following passage.
  The decline in moral standards-which has long concerned social analysts-has at last captured the attention of average Americans. And Jean Bethke Elshtain, for one, is glad.
  The fact that ordinary citizens are now starting to think seriously about the nation's moral climate, says this ethics (伦理学) professor at the University of Chicago, is reason to hope that new ideas will come forward to improve it.
  But the challenge is not to be underestimated. Materialism and individualism in American society are the biggest obstacles. "The thought that 'I'm in it for me' has become deeply rooted in the national consciousness," Ms. Elshtain says.
  Some of this can be attributed to the disintegration of traditional communities, in which neighbors looked out for one another, she says. With today's greater mobility and with so many couples working, those bonds have been weakened, replaced by a greater emphasis on self.
  In a 1996 poll of Americans, loss of morality topped the list of the biggest problems facing the U.S. And Elshtain says the public is correct to sense that: Data show that Americans are struggling with problems unheard of in the 1950s, such as classroom violence and a high rate of births to unmarried mothers.
  The desire for a higher moral standard is not a lament (挽歌) for some nonexistent "golden age," Elshtain says, nor is it a wishful ( 一厢情愿的 ) longing for a time that denied opportunities to women and minorities. Most people, in fact, favor the lessening of prejudice.
  Moral decline will not be reversed until people frnd ways to counter the materialism in society,she says. "Slowly, you recognize that the things that matter are those that can't be bought."
  36. Professor Elshtain is pleased to see that Americans________.
  A) have adapted to a new set of moral standards
  B) are longing for the return of the good old days
  C) have realized the importance of material things
  D) are awakening to the lowering of their moral standards
  37. The moral decline of American society is caused mainly by
  A) its growing wealth
  B) the self-centeredness of individuals
  C) underestimating the impact of social changes
  D) the prejudice against women and minorities
  38. Which of the following characterizes the traditional communities?
  A) Great mobility.
  B) Concern for one's neighbors.
  C) Emphasis on individual effort.
  D) Ever-weakening social bonds.
  39. In the 1950s, classroom violence
  A) was something unheard of
  B) was by no means a rare occurrence
  C) attracted a lot of public attention
  D) began to appear in analysts' data
  40. According to Elshtain, the current moral decline may be reversed
  A) if people can return to the "golden age"
  B) when women and men enjoy equal rights
  C) when people rid themselves of prejudice
  D) if less emphasis is laid on material things
  Part III Vocabulary and Structure (20 minutes)
  Directions: There are 30 incomplete sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A), B), C) and D). Choose the ONE answer that best compl-etes the sentence. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.
  41. By the time you get to New York, I _______for London.
  A) would be leaving
  B) am leaving
  C) have already left
  D) shall have left
  42. The article suggests that when a person _______ under unusual stress he should be especially careful to have a well-balanced diet.
  A) is
  B) were
  C) be
  D) was
  43. The lawyer advised him to drop the _______, since he stands little chance to win.
  A) event
  B) incident
  C) case
  D) affair
  44. Sometimes children have trouble _______fact from fiction and may believe that such things actually exist.
  A) to separate
  B) separating
  C) for separating
  D) of separating
  45. He is quite sure that it's ________ impossible for him to fulfill the task within two days.
  A) absolutely
  B) exclusively
  C) fully
  D) roughly
  46. There was a big hole in the road which ________ the traffic.
  A) set back
  B) stood back
  C) held up
  D) kept down
  47. Many a delegate was in favor of his proposal that a special committee _______ to investigate the incident.
  A) were set up
  B) was set up
  C) be set up
  D) set up
  48. In the Chinese household, grandparents and other relatives play ________ roles in raising children.
  A) incapable
  B) indispensable
  C) insensible
  D) infinite
  49. Eye contact is important because wrong contact may create a communication ________.
  A) tragedy
  B) vacuum
  C) question
  D) barrier
  50. There was such a long line at the exhibition ________ we had to wait for about half an hour.
  A) as
  B) that
  C) so
  D) hence
  51. There is no _______ to the house from the main road.
  A) access
  B) avenue
  C) exposure
  D) edge
  52. ________ energy under the earth must be released in one form or another, for example, an earthquake.
  A) Accumulated
  B) Gathered
  C) Assembled
  D) Collected
  53. He wasn't appointed chairman of the committee, ________ not very popular with all its members.
  A) to be considered
  B) considering
  C) being considered
  D) having considered
  54. The twentieth century has witnessed an enormous worldwide political, economic and cultural
  A) tradition
  B) transportation
  C) transmission
  D) transformation
  55. The ________ stuck on the envelope says "By Air".
  A) diagram
  B) label
  C) signal
  D) mark
  56. Mobile telecommunications ________ is expected to double in Shanghai this year as a result of a contract signed between the two companies.
  A) capacity
  B) potential
  C) possession
  D) impact
  57. Reading ________ the lines, I would say that the Government are more worried than they will admit.
  A) behind
  B) between
  C) along
  D) among
  58. My brother's plans are very ________; he wants to master English, French and Spanish before he is sixteen.
  A) arbitrary
  B) aggressive
  C) ambitious
  D) abundant
  59. Things might have been much worse if the mother _______ on her right to keep the baby.
  A) has been insisting
  B) had insisted
  C) would insist
  D) insisted
  60. The statistical figures in that report are not ________ . You should not refer to them.
  A) accurate
  B) fixed
  C) delicate
  D) rigid
  61. Contrast may make something appear more beautiful than it is when ________ alone.
  A) seen
  B) is seen
  C) to be seen
  D) having been seen
  62. The football game comes to you ________ from New York.
  A) lively
  B) alive
  C) live
  D) living
  63. None of us expected the chairman to ________at the party. We thought he was still in hospital.
  A) turn in
  B) turn over
  C) turn up
  D) turn down
  64. The mother didn't know who ________ for the broken glass.
  A) blamed
  B) be blamed
  C) to blame
  D) would blame
  65. He ________ to his customers and halved the price.
  A) leaked
  B) drew
  C) quoted
  D) yielded
  66. Tryon was extremely angry, but cool-headed enough to ________ storming into the boss's office.
  A) prevent
  B) prohibit
  C) turn
  D) avoid
  67. All flights ________ because of the terrible weather, they had to go there by train.
  A) having been canceled
  B) had been canceled
  C) having canceled
  D) were canceled
  68. The author of the report is well ________ with the problems in the hospital because he has been working there for many years.
  A) informed
  B) acquainted
  C) enlightened
  D) acknowledged
  69. The boy spent as much time watching TV as he ________ studying.
  A) does
  C) was
  B) had
  D) did
  70. The ship's generator broke down, and the pumps had to be operated ________ instead of mechanically.
  A) manually
  B) artificially
  C) automatically
  D) synthetically
  Part IV Cloze (15 minutes)
  Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage. For each blank there are four choices
  marked A), B), C) and D) on the right side of the paper. You should choose the ONE that best fits into the passage. Then mark the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet with a single line through the centre.
  One summer night, on my way home from work I decided to see a movie. I knew the theatre would be air-conditioned and I
  couldn't face my 71 apartment.
  Sitting in the theatre I had to look through the 72 between the two tall heads in front of me. I had to keep changing the 73 every time she leaned over to talk to him, 74 he leaned over to kiss her. Why do Americans display such 75 in a public place?
  I thought the movie would be good for my English, but 76 it turned out, it was an Italian movie. 77 about an hour I decided to give up on the movie and 78 on my popcorn ( 爆玉米花 ). I've never understood why they give you so much popcorn! It tasted
  pretty good, 79 . After a while I heard  80 more of the romantic-sounding Italians. I just heard the 81 of the popcorn
  crunching ( 咀嚼 ) between my teeth. My thought started to 82 . I remembered when I was in South Korea (韩国 ), I 83 to watch Kojak on TV frequently. He spoke perfect Korean - I was really amazed. He seemed like a good friend tome, 84 _ I saw him again in New York speaking 85 . English instead of perfect Korean. He didn't even have a Korean accent and I 86 like I had been betrayed.
  When our family moved to the United States six years ago, none of us spoke any English.87 we had begun to learn a few words, my mother suggested that we all should speak English at home. Everyone agreed, but our house became very 88 and we all seemed to avoid each other. We sat at the dinner table in silence, prefer-ring that to 89 . in a difficult language. Mother tried to say something in English but it 90 out all wrong and we all burst into laughter and decided to forget it! We've been speaking Korean at home ever since.
  71. A) warm    B) hot   C) heated      D) cool
  72. A) crack   B) blank   C) break      D) opening
  73. A) aspect  B) view     C) space      D) angle
  74. A) while    B) whenever   C) or    D) and
  75. A) attraction B) attention  C) affection   D) motion
  76. A) since  B) when     C) what       D) as
  77. A) Within    B) After   C) For   D) Over
  78. A) concentrate B) chew  C) fix      D) taste
  79. A) too      B) still  C) though     D) certainly
  80. A) much    B) any   C) no       D) few
  81. A) voice   B) sound    C) rhythm     D) tone
  82. A) wonder    B) wander   C) imagine     D) depart
  83. A) enjoyed    B) happened   C) turn       D) used
  84. A)until     B) because  C) then      D) therefore
  85. A) artificial   B) informal   C) perfect     D) practical
  86. A) felt    B) looked    C) seemed      D) appeared
  87. A) While   B) If     C) Before     D) Once
  88. A) empty     B) quiet   C) stiff     D) calm
  89. A) telling    B) uttering  C) saying      D) speaking
  90. A) worked     B) got   C) came     D) made
  Part V Writing (30 minutes)
  Directions: For this part, you are allowed thirty minutes to write a composition on the topic:
  A Letter to the University President about the Canteen Service on Campus. You should write at least 100 words, and base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below:
  January 12th, 2002
  Dear Mr. President,
  Li Ming
  Part I Listening comprehension
  2.[A]既然去时图书馆已经闭馆,当然书也就没有借到,由it closed before I got there可以推论 说话者没有借到书。
  3.[A] play键自然是放音的,由此可以判断女士是在play a tape recorder。
  4.[A]从OK, we can drop it this time可以判断A不对,从男的道歉来看,是男的曾伤害女士,所以答案为D。
  6.[C]从fulltime student来看,说话者是要停止工作全身心地投入学习。
  7.[C] teaching assistant的工作自然是协助教授授课,即assists the professor with his teaching。
  8.[A] 认为票很早就买完了也就是认为没有票了。
  9.[B]当然男士说How could you sleep through that?显然是责备对方不应该睡觉,那就是应该更认真些,即B。
  10.[A]从finance and economics来看,说话者是想在银行工作。
  11.[D]本题为信息再现题,文章有明确的表达the man did everything he could to teach the parrot to say Ketennel, the name of his native town, but the never succeeded, .. he lost his temper。
  12.[C]从文章最后The parrot was screaming at the fourth, "Say Ketunnel, or I'll kill you,"来判断是鹦鹉杀死了三只鸡,即the pet bird。
  13.[A] 鹦鹉恐吓鸡的语言与作者所用的语言一致,说明鹦鹉明白了作者的恐吓,答案为A。
  14.[D]本题为细节判断题,从about 5 percent of the present population are women可以判断妇女在英国囚犯中占的比例很小。
  15.[A]本题为细节判断题。文章最后一句some are allowed out of the ground to study or to do community work说明允许囚犯到外面学习或工作,即A。
  16.[B] 本题为细节判断题,文章在介绍封闭性监狱时提到Most of them are paid for what they do.由此可以判断答案为B。
  17.[B]本题为信息再现题,可遵循听到的是解的原则,根据the reasons London taxi drivers are so efficient is that they all have gone through a very tough training period可以判断答案 B。
  18.[D] 本题为信息再现题。which can take two to four years说明答案为D。
  20.[C] 文章learner drivers are not allowed to work and earn money as drivers. Therefore, many of them keep their previous jobs说明答案为C,即在学习驾驶时他们没有薪水,所以必须keep previous jobs。
  Part II. Reading comprehension
  21. [C] 从本题的题干来看,未来汽车比较显著的一种变化应该是不同一般的,也应该是文章所着重要介绍的。文章大部分篇幅所介绍的是未来监控系统,所以本题答案应该是C。
  22. [C] 从文章第三段the auto in the future will still be the main problem in urban traffic congestion来看,作者主要关心的还是如何解决交通堵塞的问题,即C。
  23.[A] 根据常识来判断,"可伸缩得手臂 "只是用来连接汽车与铁轨的工具,是能源的传导器,也就是说,提供能源的不是"可伸缩的手臂",而"铁轨",所以答案为A。
  24.[D] 文章的最后一段the driver will use a telephone to dial instructions about his destination into the system说明本题的答案为D,即在计算机监控系统下,司机所做的不过是通过电话告诉系统自己的目的地而已。
  25.[C] 从作者对计算机监控系统的使用来看,作者对自行车的前景是抱乐观态度的,所以答案为C。
  26.[A] 从短文第三段People who take part in hunting think of it as a sport可以判断,英国人猎狐是作为一种娱乐和消遣,所以答案为A。
  27.[C] 从文章第三段and follow strict codes of behavior来看,英国人猎狐是又严格规定的,从而说明答案为C。文章第一段虽然提到or poisoning them但下毒却不属于猎狐的范畴,所以A不对。
  28.[B] 本题为细节判断题,文章第四段interfere with the hunt by misleading riders and disturbing the trail of the fox's smell说明答案为B。
  29.[B] 本题也是细节理解题,文章最后提到a new law which will make hunting of wild animals with dogs illegal说明法律禁止带狗狩猎。
  30.[C] 文章倒数第二段叙述了带狗狩猎被禁止的原因,because they think it is brutal 可以判断,带着狗狩猎被认为是一种很残酷的行为。
  31.[B] 本题的理解要结合上下文,从全文来看,本篇文章所介绍的是老年学的问题,所以Old is suddenly in指的是老年学突然流行起来。
  32.[A] 文章的细节都应该与文章的主题有关,从Lawyers can specialize in "elder law"来看,本题答案为A,即律师可以从老年法律中获益。
  33.[A] 文章第二段中are likely to be the wealthiest group of retirees in human history说明了商人之所以能从老年市场获益的原因,是因为这部分退休的老年都十分富有,并且肯为下一代花钱。
  34.[D] 文章提到any student who combines an expert knowledge in gerontology with, say, and MBA or law degree will have a license to print money,但是C只说是拥有MBA或法律学位证书的毕业生,而文章说这些资格应该与老年学专业知识结合,D符合这一点,professionals可以指在在MBA或律师专业比较优秀的人士,所以答案为D。
  35.[A]从文章第一段it also creates career opportunities in medicine and health professionals, and in law and business as well说明美国老龄人口的增加会在很过领域提供就业机会。选项D是事实,不属于推理的结论,不符合题意。
  36.[D] 问题为细节理解题,文章第一段the decline in moral standards has at last captured the attention of average Americans 说明Elshtain教授看到美国人开始意识到道德标准的下降而感到高兴。
  37.[B] 文章第三段With today's greater mobility and with so many couples working, those bonds have been weakened, replaced by a greater emphasis on self说明美国社会道德下降的原因是因为人们太以自我为中心了,即选项B。
  38.[B] 本题为细节判断题。文章第四段the disintergration of traditional communities, in which neighbors looked out for one another,非限制性定语从句解释了传统社区的特点,即邻里之间能相互关照。
  39.[A] 本题为细节辨认题。文章倒数第三段unheard of in the 1950s, such as classroom violence说明在20世纪50年代,教室暴力是闻所未闻之事。
  40.[D] 本题为细节变向表达。文章最后一段Moral decline will not be reversed until people find ways to counter the materialism in society说明如果想改变目前道德标准下降的状况就应该改变物欲太重的现象,即D。
  Part III Vocabulary and Structure
  41. [D]by引导时间状语时,句子一般用完成时态,这里by短语所引导的是将来的时间,因此应该用将来完成时,所以答案为D。
  42.[A] 本题中所填谓语动词是宾语从句中时间状语从句中的谓语动词,不受前面动词的限制,该用什么时态的就用什么时态。从句表示一般将来,因此应该用一般现在,答案A。
  43.[C] 本题为话题同现题,从lawyer的使用可以判断这里所表达的是"案件",所以答案为C。
  44.[B] 本题为搭配题,表示做某事有困难,一般用have trouble in doing something, in可以省略,所以答案为B。
  45.[A] 本题为搭配同现题,一般表示"完全不可能,绝对不可能"用absolutely impossible。
  46.[C] 本题表示由于道路中间有个大洞,交通受到阻碍。set back表示"使受挫折", stand back表示"向后站", hold up表示"阻挡,拦截", keep down表示"镇压,保留"。根据本题的意思,应该填hold up, 表示交通受阻。
  47.[C] 本题是对虚拟语气的考查,在表示"命令,建议,要求"的名词性从句中要用should 加原形动词,should可以省略,所以答案为C。
  48.[B]incapable表示"无能", insensible表示"无知觉,麻木", indispensable表示"必不可少", infinite表示"无限的"。本题表示父母在育儿方面是必不可少的,所以答案 B。
  49.[D] 本题为话题同现。不正确的眼睛交流有可能造成交流上的障碍。Tragedy 意为"悲剧",question意为"问题", vacuum意为"真空", barrier意为"障碍物",所以答案为barrier。
  50.[B] 本题为句型搭配,such … that表示"如此……以致于"。
  51.[A] 本题为搭配题。可以与介词to连用的有access 和exposure,但是exposure意为"暴露,揭发",与题意不符。本题表示没有通往房间的道路,能表达这一概念的是access。
  52. [A] accumulate意为"积累",有"逐步,逐渐"的含义, assemble意为"集合", gather意为"聚集", collect为"收集"。地球下面的能量是一天天慢慢积攒的,所以答案为accumulate。
  53.[ C] 本题考查的是非谓语动词作状语。非谓语动词做状语时,主要是依据非谓语动词与句子主语之间的关系,如果是动宾关系,则用过去分词,本句中consider与句子主语之间是动宾关系,因此答案为C。
  54.[D] tradition意为"传统", transmission表示疾病或媒体方面的传播, transportation意为"交通", transformation表示"转变",本题表示20世纪发生了世界性的政治、经济和文化方面的转变,所以答案为transformation。
  55.[B] 本题为上下词复现,贴在信封上的就是label。
  56.[C] 本题表示今年上海手机的拥有量会翻一番。Capacity表示"容量", potential为"潜能", possession表示"拥有,占有 ",impact表示"冲击",所以答案为possession。
  57. [B] 本题为固定短语,read between the lines表示能理解文章的深层含义。
  58.[C] 16岁以前想掌握英语、法语和西班牙语,可见是雄心勃勃,能表达此含义的是ambitious, arbitrary意为"武断的", aggressive表示"侵略性的", abundant表示"丰富的,充裕的",都与题意不符。
  59.[B] 本题为虚拟语气,从句表示与过去事实相反的假设,应该用过去完成时,答案为B。
  60.[A] 本题为修饰同现题。用来说明数据的应该是accurate。其他fixed 表示"固定的",delicate表示"精巧的,精致的,微妙的", rigid表示"刚性的,严格的",都与话题不符。
  61.[A] 本题为分词作状语,see与句子主语之间是动宾关系,应该用过去分词,所以答案为seen。
  63.[C] 本题考查的是短语动词意思的差别,turn in表示"上缴", turn over表示"打翻,反复考虑,周转", turn up表示"出现,露面", turn down表示"拒绝"。本题表示主席没有在宴会上露面,所以答案为turn up。
  64. [C] 本题为"疑问词+ 不定式"在句中做宾语,四个选项中只有一个不定式。
  65.[D] 本题为因果同现,价格降了一半显然是向顾客妥协了,答案为yield。其他leak(漏), draw(画,拉,绘制) quote(引用)都与句子意思不符。
  66.[D] 本题为同现题,如果一个人很冷静的话,就不会闯入办公室,所以答案为avoid。
  68.[B] 本题为搭配题,be acquainted with 表示"对……熟悉,了解"。
  69.[D]在比较状语从句中一般应该用助动词或情态动词,本题答案为did用以代替上文中的spend time。
  70.[A] 本题为对立同现,与mechanically相对的应该是manually,即手工。其他选项automatically(自动地) artificially(人工地,假), synthetically(综合底)都与mechanically不构成同现关系。
  Part IV Cloze
  71. [B] 本题为同现题,在夏天,没有空调,剧院应该是很热,所以答案为hot。
  72.[D]crack指"裂缝", blank指"空白", break指"破裂,休息", opening指"空缺,口子"。这里指两个人头之间的空隙,应该用opening。
  73.[D] 这里表示前面人头位置一变,自己就要改变角度看,角度应该用angle表达。
  74.[C] "男的侧身过去与女的说话"与"女的侧身吻男的"两者之间应该是选择关系,所以答案为or。
  76.[D] 这里不是状语从句,而是定语从句,表示"正如接着自己所看到的一样",具有此功能的是as。
  77.[B] 从时间关系上来看,作者是看了一个小时后才决定放弃电影的,所以答案为after。
  78. [B] 本题为复现题,下文中提到自己只能听到the sound of the popcorn crunching说明自己开始嚼爆玉米花,表示嚼的动词是chew。
  79 [C] It tasted pretty good与上文的I've never understood why they give you so much popcorn之间应该是让步关系,所以答案为though。
  80.[C] 从下文只能听到嚼玉米花的声音判断本题答案为no,表示听不到电影中的浪漫声音。
  81.[B] 本题为同现题,嚼玉米花的声音应该用sound表达。
  82.[B] 从下文中自己所想可以判断这里表示自己的思绪开始游荡,能表达此含义的是wander。Wonder表示"诧异,纳闷",depart表示离开,imagine表示想象,都与上下文不符。
  83.[D]叙述自己过去的事情,又表示经常性行为,应该用used to。
  85.[B]本题是对立同现题,与perfect语言 相对的应该是不正规语言,应该是informal,其他artificial(人工的,假的) practical (实际的)都与language 不同现,与perfect不对立。
  87. [D]本题答案为once表示"我们一开始学习英语,母亲就提出了一个建议,建议我们在家里都说英语"。
  88.[B]从we all seemed to avoid each other 与we sat at the dinner table in silence来看,答案应该是quiet,即大家都保持沉默,屋里十分安静,吃饭时也都是默默地吃。
  90.[C]本句表示,母亲试着说点英语,结果是错误百出,我们都禁不住发笑。Work out表示"解决,设计处,计算处", come out表示"出来,出现,真相大白", get out表示"逃脱,离开", make out表示"填写,理解,辨认出"。四个短语,能表达结果含义的是come out。
  Section A
  1.M: Jessica, could you this emails to all the club members?
  W: Sorry, the computer broke down this morning. I will for you as soon as I have fixed.
  Q: What does the woman imply?
  2.W: Did you find the book for your reading assignment in the library?
  M: It closed before I got there. I had no idea that it closes so early on weekends.
  Q: What does the man mean?
  3.M: Did you check the power plug and press the play button?
  W: Yes, the power indicator was on, and it was running, but somehow the sound didn't come through.
  Q: What was the woman probably trying to do?
  4.M: Juana, I am awfully sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Shall we have a beer and forget the whole thing?
  W: OK, we can drop it this time. But don't do it again.
  Q: What do we learn from the conversation?
  5.W: Airports are sad places.
  M: Sometimes, I guess. But we'll keep in touch. And I will fly over to see you with Christmas.
  Q: What are the speakers doing?
  6.M: Are you going to return to your present job after the vacation?
  W: No, I plan to graduate next semester. That means I'll have to be a full-time student.
  Q: What will the woman do?
  7.W: John, are you doing research for Professor Williams this semester?
  M: Actually, I am working as his teaching assistant.
  Q: What does the man mean?
  8.M: I heard there are a few seats left for the show tonight.
  W: Really? I was under the impression that the tickets were sold out a long time ago.
  Q: What do we know from the woman's reply?
  9.W: Mrs. Long's briefing seems to go on forever. I was barely able to stay awake.
  M: How could you sleep through that? It was very important for the mission we were going to carry out.
  Q: What does the man imply?
  10.W: You seem very confident about the job interview, don't you?
  M: Yes, I feel ready for it. I bought a good suit and clothing store and I had my hair cut. I had studied almost everything about finance and economics.
  Q: Where is the man probably going to work?
  Passage 1
  There was once a man in South America who had a parrot, a pet bird that could imitate human speech. The parrot was unique. There was no bird like him in the whole world. He could learn to say any word except one. He could not say the name of his native town, Ketunnel. The man did everything he could to teach the parrot to say Ketunnel, but he never succeeded. At first he was very gentle with the bird. But gradually, he lost his temper. "You stupid bird. Why can't you learn to say that one word? Say Ketunnel or I will kill you." But the parrot would not say it. Many times the man screamed, "Say Ketunel, or I'll kill you." But the bird would never repeat the name. Finally, the man gave up. He picked up the parrot and threw him into the chicken house. "You are even more stupid than the chickens." In the chicken house, there were four old chickens, waiting to be killed for Sunday's dinner. The next morning, when he went out of the chicken house, the man opened the door. He was shocked by what he saw. He could not believe his eyes and ears. On the floor lay three dead chickens. The parrot was screaming at the fourth, "Say Ketunel, or I'll kill you."
  11.Why did the man lose his temper?
  12.Who killed the three chickens?
  13.Why was the shocked at the scene the next morning?
  Passage 2
  In Britain, if you are found guilty of a crime, you can be sent to prison or be fined or be ordered to do community work such as tidying public places and helping the old. You may also be sent to special centers when you learn special skills like cooking, writing and car maintenance. About 5 percent of the present population are women. Many prisons were built over one hundred years ago. But the government will have built 11 new prisons by next year. There are two sorts of prisons. The open sort and the closed sort. In the closed sort, prisoners are given very little freedom. They spend three to ten hours outside their cells when they exercise, eat, study, learn skills, watch TV and talk to other prisoners. All prisoners are expected to work. Most of them are paid for what they do, whether it is doing maintenance or cooking and cleaning. Prisoners in open prisons are locked up at night, but for the rest of the time, they are free within the prison grounds. They can exercise, have visitors, or study. And some are allowed out of the ground to study or to do community work.
  14.What do we know about women prisoners in Britain?
  15.In what way are open prisons different from closed prisons?
  16.What do we learn about prisoners in Britain?
  Passage 3
  London taxi drivers know the capital like the back of their hands. No matter how small or indistinct the street is, the driver will be able to get you there without any trouble. The reason London taxi drivers are so efficient is that they all have gone through a very tough training period to get special taxi driving license. During this period, which can take two to four years, the would-be taxi driver has to learn the most direct route to every single road and to every important building in London. To achieve this, most learners go around the city on small motorbikes practicing how to move to and from different points of the city. Learner taxi drivers are tested several times during the training period by government officers. The exams are terrible experience. The officers ask you "How do you get from Birmingham palace to the Tower of London?" and you have to take them there in the direct line. When you get to the tower, they won't say "well done". They will quickly move on to the next question. After five or six questions, they will just say "See you in two months' time." and then you know the exam is over. Learner drivers are not allowed to work and earn money as drivers. Therefore, many of them keep their previous jobs until they have obtained the license. The training can cost quite a lot, because learners have to pay for their own expenses on the tests and the medical exam.
  17.Why are London taxi drivers very efficient?
  18.How long does the training period last?
  19.Why does the speaker think the driving test is a terrible experience?
  20.Why do learner drivers have to keep their present jobs?

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