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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午5:57


  1、 森林是最重要的自然资源。

  2、 森林对其他自然资源起着重要的作用。

  3、 保护森林,拯救地球。

  Save the Forests

  These days we often talk about the importance of our natural resources. In many countries they are disappearing at a rapid rate and environmentalists are urging people everywhere to protect their air, water, forests, wildlife, and so on. It is difficult to choose just one natural resource to save, but in my opinion, saving the forests should be the top priority.

  First of all, forests help to preserve other natural resources such as water, air, and animals. Without forests, the land cannot hold water as well. This means that in a heavy rain hillsides will collapse, causing great damage. Not only that, but without the protection of trees, the nutrient-rich topsoil will be washed away and nothing will be able to grow on the land. Trees also help to clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. And, of course, forests are the natural habitat of many wild animals. Without them, these animals will not be able to survive. Another reason to preserve our forests is that large numbers of trees can help to mitigate the greenhouse effect by absorbing solar radiation. And finally, forests are a place where people can get close to nature, and if they learn to love nature, they will want to preserve all the earth’s natural resources.

  All of the earth’s natural resources are important, and we should all work to save them. The reason that I choose the forests as most important is because they help us in so many ways. By saving the forests, I believe we can save the planet.


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