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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午5:48




  Never Give Up

  “Never give up” is often said by people when they are frustrated or in depression. This phrase means determination and encouragement. In my opinion, the determination to succeed is of great importance. Therefore, I believe that we should never give up.

  If we give up too easily, we will rarely achieve anything. It is not unusual for us to fail in our first attempt at something new, so we should not feel discouraged by our failures; instead we should try again. Besides, if we always give up when we fail, we will not be able to develop new skills and grow as we should.

  Another reason that we should never give up is because we can learn from our mistakes only if we make a new effort. If we do not try again, the lesson we have learned is of no use.

  Finally, as we work to reach our goals, we develop confidence, and this confidence can help us succeed in other areas of life. If we never challenge ourselves, we will begin to doubt our abilities.

  In short, it is important that we do not give up when working for our goals. Whether we succeed in the end or not, we will learn something, and what we learn will help us do better in our future work. Furthermore, if we give up, we have no chance of attaining our goals; but if we keep trying, there is always a chance that we will succeed one day.


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