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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午5:43


  1. 当今的年轻人越来越强调个性发展;

  2. 发展个性是否意味着忽视中国的传统美德;

  3. 你的观点。

  Should We still Cherish Chinese Traditional Virtues

  Today's youth do things in their own ways, spend money on whatever they want and talk to people in their own languages——personality development is ○1overstated by young people these days. To some of them, personality means to be totally different from who their parents used to be.

  But the problem is that during their pursuit of their personal goals they ignore some of the traditional virtues of which their ○1forefathers were proud. Take the question of ○2fidelity to elders for example. With better education and different experiences, some young people find it's hard to agree with their parents any longer. They have a feeling of superiority and even sometimes ○3turn their back on their elder parents.

  To me, personality development and traditional virtues ○1have nothing to do with right or wrong. In our society, we need them both. These virtues help you to become a better Chinese, while personality development will improve your own character.


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