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  What Should Children Do in Their Spare Time

  Nowadays, many parents send their children to various classesin the children's spare time. These classes can be classified into two categories. First, on school subject, their intention is to reinforce and enrich the children's knowledge acquired in school by means of more clarification and exercises. Second, classes to cultivate children's interest, such as classes in English, dancing, etc.

  Children's attending classes in their spare time has become a controversial issue. Those who are for it think that the pratice is good for the long term benefit of children and can enlighten children's interest, broaden their horizon. Those who are against it hold the view that children have been deprived of their free timeby attending classes they are not interested and thus become mechanical learners, at the price of their own interests.

  I think children should have the right to enjoy their childhood, and to play. But certain guidance by parents to attend some classes is necessarysince the parents havereasoning power and experince to raise the children to be prepared for their future with diversified interest and competence. But these classes should be refreshing and be able to attract children's interest and not too much.


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