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发帖者 吴怀唐 On 下午1:49


  1、 有人喜欢听取别人的建议而学习。

  2、 有人喜欢通过亲身体验而学习。

  3、 我的选择。

  Learning about Life

  As we grow, we learn many things about life. Some of these lessons are easy and some are difficult. Some believe that they can learn best by listening to the advice of others, while others believe that it is better to learn through personal experience.

  In the first case, learning by listening to others, we have the benefit of learning from others' mistakes and are thus being able to avoid them ourselves. Our friends and family will help us make better decisions and avoid costly errors. Furthermore, the people who know us well can advise us effectively because they understand our strengths and weaknesses. At the same time, they are sometimes able to see situations more objectively than we are.

  In the second case, learning through doing, we have the advantage of gaining meaningful experience. We will no doubt better remember the lessons we learn when we enjoy the rewards or suffer the consequences ourselves. Moreover, we can often develop other skills through personal experience and can learn from our mistakes.

  Given a choice between these two ways of learning about life, I would still choose the former. This is because I believe I should take advantage of all the resources available, and the experiences of my family and friends are a valuable resource. For example, if I were preparing to take my first trip abroad on my own, the advice of others who have already experienced such a trip could only help me. Just as we can learn from history, we can learn from the past actions of those close to us.


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